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If you have loved ones with Covid in hospital this information could save their lives

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September 25th 2021  

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Barbarossa 296

- 2 years ago  

Our cultural Marxist/Globalist (rebranded Communist) governments seek to create the most intrusive totalitarian police state that the world has ever seen. Their “Great Reset”/”New World Order” is nothing less than the indexing of every human being on the planet and corralling them into compact densely populated cities where their every behavior is monitored in real time and operant conditioning is used to control that behavior. While they are at it, the same methods that they’re using to create this control is being used to significantly reduce the size of the human population. More and more people are finally awakening to the actual costs attached to all of the government regulations and welfare programs created in the last fifty or so years. People are discovering that government regulations supposedly designed to end child labor, corporate fraud, pollution, and the exploitation of workers has actually, or in addition to, destroyed the development of the work ethic in our youth and increased government corruption to epidemic proportions – thus ensuring that the only legal remedies are impotent and end up actually protecting the violator! Government welfare programs, far from being the temporary expedient to help individuals who’ve “fallen on hard times to get back on their feet”, have become the permanent sole source of income for entire generations of families - thus creating an unproductive underclass of government dependents. Our ruling elite actively seek to expand that dependent class by destroying people’s ability to make an independent living and expanding government largess to everyone. In other words, “all that free stuff wasn’t free!” Now it’s too late. The enemies of the people (our ruling elites) control enough power to openly attempt to carry out their plans. By destroying the nation-state, promoting “interdependence”, and centralizing control of our necessities, they’ve created the conditions needed to control most of the world. If we want freedom, we must once again become self-sufficient. That means we must produce all of our own clothing, energy, food, shelter, and transportation nationally (ALL foreign goods must be considered luxuries)! Yes, that means that the standard of living that we’ve become accustomed to is gone forever – but then it’s also gone forever under our elites’ plans! At the least, we’ll be free to innovate and to establish the highest possible standard of living that our sharp minds, resources, and hard work can create! No matter how many people that we can get to protest on the streets, as long as our enemies control our necessities, we must lose in the end! And though protests certainly have value (we can see our own strength in numbers), protests alone have NEVER brought down a single tyrannical government (remember the massive demonstrations/protests against the Communist governments in East Germany – 1953, Hungry – 1956, Czechoslovakia – 1968, and China – 1989). The ONLY way to bring down a tyrannical government is to destroy its power! Power is the ability to force someone to do something against their will. As noted above, the control of someone’s necessities of life gives one control over that person. Educating, training, etc., can also give the teacher power over the student. The “Frankfort School” (multi-national Communist activists and social scientists who fled to America from Nazi Germany) infiltrated American and European universities and indoctrinated students and professors in cultural Marxism. And, of course, simple physical violence is often sufficient to control someone’s behavior. To steal our enemies power, we must be independent from them, retrieve the education of our children from them, and destroy their ability to make war on us! We have the numbers! We must arm ourselves and those who enforce our enemies’ will must be eliminated if they cannot be brought over to our side!


- 2 years ago  

Nope. My loved ones are all immortal already, all 144,000. No need for sorcery, never will need it, no flesh needs the sorcery of Satan that ancient serpent. 🐍⚕️🏥👽👹 That's a satanic cult. Worship no human being! Worship Allaha the Father Son and Holy Spirit Blaspheming Me the Holy Spirit is a sin for which you shall die the final death!