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"Conservative opposition" confirms they and "Liberals" all on the SAME TEAM

  - 1:28

Manitoba "Conservative" supposed-opposition MP Raquel Dancho, not long after appearing to support trucker convoy and immediately after a talking-to by "Liberal" Crime Minister Justin Castreau, confirms THEY are ALL "in this together" as she repeatedly re-iterates that she supports "lawful" protest and for "illegal blockaders" to go home. This is all the proof anyone who doesn't have their head in the sand needs to see that none of these establishment political parties are for the people. They are all playing games with your lives and livelihoods. None of them are actually for freedom. None of these scumbags have spoken out against the tyranny of the past two years until it was politically convenient to a few weeks ago - and they are already predictably turning in favor of more authoritarianism.






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February 11th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

Judging on how Alberta handled this fake pandemic, there's no doubt the conservatives would have done just as much harm as the liberals have done and are doing. That's my opinion. Dancho should understand two things: 1. You, the clowns in Ottawa and your provincial cohorts, are preventing peaceful people from working. That's what your idiotic Covid restrictions and authoritarian mandates are doing. You are the root cause of these protests. 2. Protests that do not inconvenience you are going to be ignored by you. That's your message isn't it? These truckers and their families need a future just as much as you do with your nice House of Commons yap yap sessions and ad nauseum benefits. Why don't you go get yourselves some real work? Start at the 7/11 bathrooms and work your way up you useless clowns.


- half a year ago  

Peaceful and legal? The exact opposite of them hey? Hypocrisy yet again. The first words out of their mouth are lies and the last thing...