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Burger hates em






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February 3rd 2021  

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Anti Illuminati

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Your stupid. Hitler was trying to stop the Khazars and the Rothschilds. The Holocaust is b.s. No man ever went to space. The lunar landing is a hoax. All presidents are Freemasons. The Rothschilds if London rule everything. MK Ultra is real. Mass shootings are staged. Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated by the Illuminati. The Queen has been dead for ages. Obama/Soetoro was born in Kenya and is an Indonesian citizen,and also is Muslim agent for Iran. Israel is a haven for the Khazars. The war in Ukraine is about human trafficking, child pedophilia, money laundering and viral experimentation that is banned in most other countries. Americans are not free, but rather are Corporate Fictions used as collateral toward the Federal Reserve. They fly a Maritime/Wartime flag in ALL court rooms, forcing the law of the sea on land dwelling people. All judges are direct magistrates of the Queen, (or King now). Hemp is the global answer to CO2 emissions and holistic medicine. Marijuana was globally legalized to remove the canibinoid that blocks interference with the Pineal Gland, (the 3rd eye). The jab has nano tech that comes with a Mac address and graphite to work in tandem with the 5g death towers. There are no such thing as dinosaurs. Mankind has only been on earth for 5, 898 years. Above the Firmament is water, not a void of nothing. (As described in the Book of Genesis) The Nephilim we're the fallen angels of Lucifer and came into Human women making a race of giants. Also where we got our forbidden knowledge from, hence the Flood of Noah's time to wipe out the perverted DNA of this abomination. Everything you think you know is a manufactured lie. Time to admit we know nothing and reprogram ourselves to the truth. The Babylonian Money changers are behind everything. #Khazarian Mafia.


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