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Excess Deaths as of the HALF year mark…x 2 for full year…Lethal Shot Genocide

This is global Genocide in front of your eyes. Wake up. Show this to your children of all ages. If you arm your children to do the dirty work of posting this everywhere at schools, hospitals, police, on ambulances, police cars, they cannot be arrested or even touched. You people have no clue how bad this is going to get. The ones you hear about succumbing to the Shots are the HEALTHY ones. If it kills the healthy, everyone that took them will be dead soon. They gave the average person lower doses than athletes so it takes longer to explode their hearts when they require additional beats. They made sure they would get everyone and not all at once. They have studied this since 1990 with the lethal spike. The anti-spike shot removes all disease and the Elite all get it and live to a hundred because they never get a bad disease. It has a cost of 50000$ for the anti-spike shot and you do not get it because you are not in the big club. You get the Spike. This was top secret military information, verified, and yes this is all being run by the Military leadership. Spread this everywhere or just die.






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Uploaded 2 months ago  

September 26th 2022  

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Will they except an iou