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Johnny and Joe



..EMERGENCY WORLD EXCLUSIVE…Update Info…they have the cure for every disease and inject the disease instead of curing…shocking

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This was all planned out. Coerce Injections of MRNA that Destroy You No Charge Now They already have the REVERSE MRNA shot that fixes you $28,000 The money grubbing evilness of this is unimaginable. They have created a market that only people of government or elite can afford to take to save them. This info could not have been leaked or even used until almost all willing recipients had taken the shot. I am awaiting additional details on where the shot is manufactured, the principles, the testing, the “Emergency Authorization Use” or NOT Required to be EUA…??? The backstory on who this Doctor is and why he is getting it. Key to this is this shot that reverses spike has existed for 30 years. This means that they knew exactly what the spike did 30 years ago. It cripples and kills. This was the perfect weapon to be used against humanity. This reverse MRNA shot has been Buried in the back room of medicine for decades. They knew the spike kills 40 years ago. They created a spike neutralizer 30 plus years ago that costs $30000. They inject spike into everyone for free today. Whoever survives, most cannot afford the reverse spike. Now the fun part. Most major diseases you know can be neutralized with the reverse spike injection. Wowowow. They have the cure for everything and chose to inject the disease into everyone instead Surprise of the century Every Elite lives to 100, all of us live to 85 or so It’s the Spike Stupid Reinventing the wheel over and over and over again This is giving me heartburn Take Tums or Pepcid ac And you are CURED Of the Spike The Solution is so simple Update






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