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Johnny and Joe



Emergency Death…Ambulances everywhere, silent, stealth operation…The Plague of the First Injected is upon us

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I have been on the spot reporting since Injections started, The ambulances now travel silent with minimal blue flashing lights. They no longer have a dispatch door open alarm. In 15 minutes I have Seen 5 ambulances, no sounds. During rush hour in the mornings I hear many ambulances obviously getting through Heavy traffic. It is very noisy and busy till the afternoon from ambulances. There is no tourism right now in between seasons so there should be almost no emergencies in this small city. I have confirmed that the media reports on very few of the Mystery Deaths, unexplained. Another 2 ambulances just went by as I wrote these few lines. I know there are very few injections going on now. So, this means that this is a steady death and disabling wave from past injections. One would have expected after the main Injection push that the ambulances would have flattened out but it never did. If anything it is at least 50 percent since the Injection and Growing. This is the Plague of the First Injected






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May 25th 2022  

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