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Policing society is societies job not Government

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This is why you here that there are many great Sheriffs in the USA. They stand apart from Government. They stand for basic human rights of the citizens, Government has no rights, people have rights. When a citizen tells an officer they need help, the only job of that officer is to help. Now, the real world has officers being told what to do but they still know right from wrong. Governments are not permitted to make laws that diminish human rights. That is a crime and possibly a very severe crime. Believe it or not there is not one bit of evidence or proof of anyone ever transmitting a virus called COVID-19. There is no test that has ever shown the existence of COVID-19. There has been no picture ever taken of COVID-19. There has never been isolation of a virus called COVID-19. Nobody died in 2020 according to all the numbers. Symptoms reported like difficulty breathing is never associated with a Corona virus or cold or flu or influenza or cancer or even most pneumonia’s. So, what is it. Easy, it’s a poison. This is the most common reported symptom which they then decide through a fake test that it is COVID-19 and then put on a ventilator and remdesivir, both of which may be deadly and provide little help regardless what the patient has. Toxicology would provide the answer as to what is causing the symptom. They never do blood work ups because they are positive PCR. Not one autopsy has ever pointed to COVID-19 as cause of death. Mistreatment, misdiagnosis is always the cause if it wasn’t 4 other morbidities primarily age.






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