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Melissa Lev



Pfizer asks Health Canada to Approve Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids 5 to 11

  - 3:45

Pfizer asks Health Canada to Approve Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids 5 to 11 Original video source here: Please visit my other channels:






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Uploaded 2 months ago  

December 3rd 2021  

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Pandoras Box

- 2 months ago  

Kids have absolutely no problem with so called covid at all and do not die from it. Many will die or be injured by the vaccines. Millions have been injured by them and thousands upon thousands have died.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 months ago  

Pfizer company employees and especially the top egg heads and CEO, all need to get their poison double strength. IF it is so safe, two or three doses for them, and a blood test to prove they took it.. Maybe some of their own help, will help them get what they deserve.. its sounds fine to me, after listening to all their propaganda, sure they will be fine,,... lolo

Barbarossa 296

- 2 months ago  

The “Jab” is population control in every sense of the term. It has two functions – to reduce the subject population and to tag every member of that subject population. With the first injection, the subject is permanently sterilized – so no more children for the “vaccinated”. With the first injection and with every subsequent booster (of a never ending series), the subject’s immune system is eventually degraded to the point that even minor illnesses become fatal. With the first injection, a microchip is inserted into the subject that, with the use of 5G technology, the subject’s identity, location, and vital signs are tracked in real time. In other words, people are digitally tagged like cattle. Thus, the ultimate purpose of the “vaccination” in Western countries is genocide. Those members of the subject population who refuse “vaccination” are to be blamed for the rapidly increasing mortality of the “vaccinated” population and shall be forcibly put into “quarantine” camps where, at best, they’ll be “reeducated” until they voluntarily accept the “jab”. At worse, they’ll be forcibly injected with the “vaccine”. Genocide is nothing new to our cultural Marxist/Globalist (rebranded Communist) elite. Indeed, they would make their heroes Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al (who together, murdered an estimated 120 million people during the 20th Century) very proud!