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YouTube cancelled Doug TenNapel - placeholder video- his email below...

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YouTube has cancelled Doug TenNapel... here is his announcement e-mail below: My Channel Got Wiped and I'm Glad You're On My Email List! Hello Deplorables! I'm going to put together a video explaining everything and posting it today on LOCALS! I know it may be tough to navigate a new platform, but that is the ONLY platform where I can freely speak. I'll explain why Rumble, Odysee and Bitchute etc are complete frauds and not worth our time. Locals is worth my time. Please sign up to the link below: My Locals Channel! So many of you have complained about Youtube but won't do anything about it. Locals is how you do something about it. If I had 1/10th of my audience subscribed to Locals, I'd never have to touch Youtube again. It's a conundrum, I know. Youtube has the biggest reach, it's why any of us have any kind of audience or following. Celebrities aren't created on Rumble, they're created on Youtube... then destroyed on Youtube! I have two other Youtube channels ...Here is my Non-political art channel. Give it a sub and start building that thing. I may never be able to post political stuff to protect the channel, but I will be doing more drawing, and creating: Finally, some of your friends may want to Sign up to this mailing list. Send them this link or forward them this email and they will be able to join all 36,000 of you my most loyal, hard-core audience!: Below is what the cancellation email looks like from Youtube ... Most importantly, don't despair! I never let Youtube dictate my happiness or my free speech. Most alternatives aren't things I'm interested in like lawsuits, Rumble, etc. So I know you guys think it might help, but I've considered every path and just think that putting it in God's hands and doing my best is my primary path of action. In Exile, Doug TenNapel - The happiest guy I know! .






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June 23rd 2021  

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