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John A. Lancaster



The Coexistence Hoax (v1)

  - 1:55

New spoken word criticizing the calls for "unity" amid Joe Biden's projection as the 46th U.S. President. Lyrics: Neighbors…. Colleagues…. Spectators…. Classmates…. Patrons…. We’re not so different, the do-gooders propagate. We all want the same thing. A better life. Only our Ideologies, our perception is different. There’s no need for bitter strife the earnest peacemakers tell you. But can we all really coexist? Are out paradigms compatible? Who my money shall subsist, what, of my earnings, may I keep and do with, where I can work, who I can employ, where and what my children will be taught, what “grade” of defense I may deploy, and more are not reconciled but dictated with the vote of my brethren who’d see me imprisoned if I dare to resist their implemented political vision. There can be no harmony when freedom is stamped out by coercion. But as history has shown time and time again, if we subject out natural rights to wholesale desertion We will achieve the unity and even equity that the pacifiers so treasure when like so many regimes in the past, we are relegated to the same mass graves, having been marched to them together.






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November 8th 2020  

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