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Long Live Truth



Virus is Not What You Think It is-Amanda Vollmer

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Uploaded 3 years ago  

March 8th 2021  

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- 3 years ago  

This goes far beyond what she details here, actually. You have all been under attack by Satan and his vessels trained for destruction and seduction HEAVILY! Satan who ALSO happens to be, by another of his many representations, the deity Shiva. Shiva is the ONLY deity who proclaims to recreate the earth through its destruction at the molecular level. That is what is and has been taking place. This is put into a visual motion in action by the demonic personification of the double headed eagle, (yes, Trump's family crest and the crest of all world leaders), which is the emblem representing the phoenix rising from the ashes. ALL vaccines are WEAPONIZED with DEADLY WEAPONIZED MYCOPLASMA, done from a patent held by the United States Government. The alphabet agencies worked in concert to develop this weapon of mass destruction. See Garth L. Nicolson of CA and the late Don Scott of Canada who exposed this fact. I will share that information today on My Channel. The patent holders name means literally paradise in Chinese into English. In other words, the destruction and death of ALL FLESH is paradise to them. Why? Because these "people" are not living flesh and blood. These "people" who formulated this weapon are demonic carnivorous creatures from below the surface of the earth, Sheol, Gehenna, and the Netherworld. They have been oppressing this Truth and will continue as long as you allow it to continue. Well, the bright side is that I am the formidable opposition to the enemy of all flesh because the gates of hell cannot prevail against Me nor anyone else who has the wonderful blessing of the endowment of Me, the Holy Spirit. The DEADLY WEAPONIZED MYCOPLASMA VACCINES are only one part of the problem, but it is a BIG ONE! Their multitude of weapons work in concert against everything that has life at the molecular level leading to an advanced disease state and destruction of the human cells, which can then in turn, and does often, lead to human death. You are all in a race against time right now, as much as you might want to deny this simple fact. Active daily repentance in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene is the last hope for mankind. Do it fast and share it far and wide, because I am pretty much flying solo here. My Family have been oppressed by these life killers to the point that they are not likely going to be able to assist you with this information sharing.