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C-19 does not exist

  - 2:54

Covid-19 has never been isolated and purified and does not exist, its fictitious. There are no viable purified samples.






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February 19th 2021  

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- a year ago  

WHO is this guy? I've seen this video several times now from several sources, but no one knows who he is. I'd like to share it, but without verification of who he is and his credentials, this is not useful.


- a year ago  

QUANTUM DOT TATTOO (QDT) delivered along with a MICRONEEDLE VACCINE (also called Smart Patch) will be the MARK OF THE BEAST (NOT the hypodermic needle/syringe we are all used to seeing and that is being rolled out now as of February 2021). QDT will use Luciferase enzyme that makes microneedles (smart) patch glow under a smart phone app-- it is not about immunity; it is about IDENTITY and TRACKING!!! You won't be held down and forced that way; but as Windowscentral said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, "non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services". People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. Take this mark to “get back to normal”, you’ll go to the lake of fire. (Rev. 14:9) The "elites" call it our Digital ID, Immunity Passport, Proof of Vaccination, whatever... The Bible calls it the MARK OF THE BEAST. (Revelation 13:16-17) CLICK ON THE LINKS TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS NEW TECHOLOGY! IT IS COMING SOON enough.

Pandoras Box

- a year ago  

China has not isolated the virus either. NBC interview the guy from their CDC and he admits they never isolated it either. The video is at the bottom of the post. Of course this also means when diagnosed with the PCR test, which is also not meant to test for a virus, that a few million people were misdiagnosed. Not one of them had covid 19. So the treatment they received, would also have killed many of them as well. Imagine of a few million tested positive for say diabetes and were all given insulin, when in fact they did not have it at all. What could possibly go wrong? Oh lots of dead people. They would slip into a coma and just die. Not a problem right? So ow ll we have to do is figure out how many were misdiagnosed and given the wrong treatment for the so Called Covid. Anyone put on a ventilator would be at the top of my list. Many who had brathing problems may have also had a wireless problem. Some if exposed to wireless can get the exact same symptoms as the so called covid. They all would have gotten all the wrong treatment. Some doctors did get smart and give them blood thinners. Wireless you see, can make your blood thicker. They were still considered Covid patents however. They have EMS or EMH depending on which country you come from. Lockdowns may have exasperated that problem if they used WIFI. I learned that one from people that worked in Call Centers. Boy did they get sick. If they used their Cell Phone more often etc. The longer you are exposed the worse it will get. WIFI is a really bad one however. Having a cell tower close to you etc etc. 5G towers are also a big bad.


- a year ago  

This guy is simply READING an article from NaturalNews. He is not the author.


- a year ago  

Thank you!


- a year ago  

this guy is a fake until he identifies his self cause I don't see no references. Good try though, many will fall for it!


- a year ago  

Tens of thousands of doctors,professors, immunologists and epidemiologists signed the Great Barrington Declaration. You have obviously fallen for the bollix bilderberg narrative.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a year ago  

Dude, I believe you !