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''I believe my son was murdered''

  - 9:10 Yes he was Dan, my heart goes out to all of you who have been targeted by the United Nations depopulation agenda. Mr. Trudeau will never be able to get away with what he's contributed to and invested in. As a matter of fact, all va$$ines are military biological warfare weapons, weapons of mass destruction and indoctrination. I've studied this topic along with many others and we now understand why it is a sacred cow and nobody is permitted to question them! Its the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry and politicians are responsible into attempting to reinforce them on the public through incentives and laws they fabricate themselves int their favor. Operation Warp Speed proves that they are all dangerous to the public, especially in children. Its an act of genocide. Quackseenation is the biggest lie and deception ever sold to the public as a tool of protection and health. Virology isn't a science at all. Its a monumental fraud.






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May 1st 2023  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- a month ago  

It is your adversary the Devil that is attacking, he is all in now. And he has many helpers that i call devils. Seek the most high for understanding... Acts 4:12 understand this first.