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''Where did God come from?" Scientist left Speechless

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July 12th 2021  

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- a year ago  

god was invented for two reasons money first and so little kids would not be afraid of dying GROW UP


- a year ago  

Almost 300 separate chemicals make up a human. In perfect combinations. The fella that came up with the DNA helix stated, Believing we are random is like a hurricane going through a junkyard and creating a 747. Then again you would have to assume there is a junkyard and there is a hurricane. I reckon those would also be random? better get on the winning team son.


- a year ago  

Your god maybe. But that's not God you are pathetic excuse for a man. Stay being human. Satan's seed will never get it let alone understand. Try thought instead of repeating what the deluded cook up for you. You are afraid, you reek of fear and fear is what rules your pea sized intellect. Leave God's people alone, you have no effect in the minds of man, gods own creation. You are nothing more than a distraction and Satan will recruit and drag you down. Have fun with that buddy. God truly dies have a sense of humour.


- a year ago  

Amen ! I needed that ! The Lord is not in us, he's beyond the whole Universe and at the same time, can control the intricate DNA within our Cells. He's beyond words that we can manifest in our minds as to describing his magnificence.


- a year ago  

He nailed it..... It becomes quite clear when you give yourself to God and the imensity of his creation. When one tries to belittle the idea of God, one belittles his own thinking and understanding. I was once atheistic and would read the Bible to often mock it. By doing so it made little sense. Red pilling has led me back to a path towards God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.... reading the Bible as such begins to click into place .. it's quite amazing.


- a year ago  

The universe is a construct in the mind of god ... the universe is a thought. First Hermetic Principle of Mentalism.


- a year ago  

Perfect Answer . In the beginning ( time) God created the heavens ( space) and the Earth ( Matter).