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Tolerance Lost ~ 1 of 3 ~ Dr. Andrew J Moulden

  - 1:59:30

Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular Damage -> -> Dr. Andrew Moulden recognized that every dose of vaccine given to a person produced microvascular damage whether or not the person was aware of the damage or had debilitating symptoms at the time the vaccines were given. He courageously stepped out of the conventional box of medical diagnosis and treatment, and gave us a new way to look at modern neurodevelopmental illnesses and syndromes. This series of articles is intended to preserve the work of Dr. Moulden, who unexpectedly died in November of 2013. I want to acknowledge the contribution of this forward-thinking pioneer who worked to explain the truth about vaccine damage. This is article two in a series of four articles about Dr. Moulden’s life work. Tolerance Lost ~ 1 of 3 ~ Andrew J Moulden Tolerance Lost (DVD)… Tolerance Lost, ~ 2 of 3 ~ Dr Andrew J Moulden, Tolerance Lost (DVD)… Tolerance Lost ~ 3 OF 3 ~ Dr Andrew J Moulden Tolerance Lost (DVD)… Dr. Andrew Moulden getting the message of truth out to people about the extreme corporate corruption of Health Canada, the FDA, and other corporate controlled medical care entities that are, in fact, destroying peoples health with vaccines and other chemical pharmaceutical drugs. -> -> The unexplained death of Andrew Moulden PhD MD






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GSH for Life

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Dr. Hoffe - Lytton, British Columbia, Canada - 9:28 Dr. Hoffe— of coincidentally destroyed (burned to the ground) Lytton, British Columbia, Canada—explains the D-dimer test and his discovery that 62% of his jabbed patients are developing blood clots. This will cause high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks within 3 years. With each successive shot, the damage will add and add. Each shot contains 40 trillion mRNA molecules.