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Protect Pollinators, Heal the Earth

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Universities around the world should teach the principles of Holzerian permaculture / agroecology, and research institutes should look into the mechanisms underlying permaculture / agro-ecology as practiced by Sepp Holzer. The agricultural system of Sepp Holzer is, in all respects, superior to conventional agriculture or based on GMOs: no industrial breeding, no chemical or genetic pollution, more productivity per unit area, huge bio-diversity , idyllic landscape and breathtaking beauty, intact and pure water system, no deforestation, no starvation, no disease epidemics, each place would have its own plant species and, most importantly, the food would become our medicine and would be packed with nutrients and antioxidants. If the world adopts Sepp Holzer's agricultural system on a large scale, we would live in a world of abundance and beauty. Its system, methods and philosophy can be successfully applied anywhere in the world, in the country and in the city. We could feed 3 times more people than now inhabit this land, if we would make Holzerian agroecology the predominant agricultural system. If Holzerian agro-ecology prevails and spreads everywhere, the Earth's biosphere will soon be regenerated. Sepp Holzer has more than 200 projects worldwide, a growing trend. He knows how to turn deserts into fertile and productive land.






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