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(MUST-WATCH video) Vaccines are Making You Sterile - The Orbis Vitae Community

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Please consider sending a link to this video to everyone you know, and your dentist too! What Vaccines are Doing to Your Body - A MUST-WATCH Video Link: This may be one of the most important videos you watch, especially of you're a parent. You can follow along with the lecture slides below the video. Although this video has been widely-viewed around the world, Dr. David Ayoub, M.D. presents information that you may have never seen before. Click this link to view full-sized slides (opens in new window): Mercury, Immunizations and the Global Vaccine Agenda (PDF) Related: The Mercury Apocalypse: Chemtrails Contain Mercury! Related: Shocking! Mercury is Destroying Our Health: Exposing the Corruption Behind It, Dr. Haley Related: The Emotional Effects of Mercury Including Personality Changes Why Have I Posted This Video? I have posted this video because I personally experienced the emotional and physical symptoms of mercury when I was younger. In me, mercury caused, rage, depression, anxiety, fear, racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, impulsive behavior, memory loss, apathy, OCD-like symptoms such as a need for cleanliness or order in my surroundings, critical behavior or myself and others, and numerous fears (such as public speaking and confrontations).[/b] I finally discovered that ALL of these emotional symptoms (as well as my 17 physical symptoms) were all caused by mercury from my amalgam dental fillings. After they were removed, ALL my symptoms disappeared






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December 4th 2020  

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