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Battleground Melbourne Documentary

  - 1:41:07

BRAND NEW Documentary just released regarding the most overt and tyrannical communist take over in the world, Melbourne Australia. A virus never proven to exist, which obviously can be nowhere and everywhere at the same time, falsely used as the pretext to remove all human rights........leading up to the removal of everything else people need to survive. Find out what's really going on in Australia. It's time to start asking simple questions in order to provide ourselves the most valuable answers. If something is safe and effective it doesn't require.... 1. Coercion 2. Mass advertising 3. Censorship 4. Blanket immunity 5. Fines 6. Propaganda 7. Behavior modification 8. Mind control 9. Brain washing 10.Tracking and tracing 11. Bribes 12.The removal of my basic human rights -> VAERS in the US proves that 5% of the shot batches are responsible for 100% of the reported deaths after the non COVID vaccine. If anyone is getting these non COVID vaccines that can't confer immunity, at least check the batch number before injection to see if you're getting a vial that's already proven fatal. -> The UK took over China in the late 1700's using opium but kept the original flags and government officials, running it from the back end to this very day. There are near 60 former commonwealth nations, run in the exact same way. It's the same ruling group, posing as different populations and countries. China isn't China. It's the UK Royals and it's this group that is now trying to enslave the world, using a vaccine passport/social credit system. David Icke explains.






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January 16th 2022  

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GSH for Life

- a year ago Battleground Melbourne Documentary 'FRIENDS & FAMILY' Pre-Release