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Klaus Schwab’s WEF Alumni – A List

  - 2:05 They no longer hide in the shadows. They are there for all to see. #apocalypse #thegreatreveal #awakening #wef






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February 11th 2022  

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GSH for Life

- half a year ago -> M. Schwab n'est pas le roi de l'humanité. Il se cache derrière ce qu'il considère "ses" leaders (nos élus) afin qu'ils/elles imposent sa vision du monde. Le rythme incessant des impositions des ambitions du WEF, destructifs tel qu'ils sont envers les gens ressemblent plutôt à une allégeance de secte par nos "élus". Ils sont prêt à tout détruire, humanité inclus pour imposer la doctrine du livre mentionné ci-dessous qui tombera éventuellement dans la même catégorie taboo que le livre "Mein Kampf". L'humanité mérite mieux que d'être soumise à une vision anti-humaine par des égo maniaques avec un complex de dieu, de destruction et de contrôle. Garde tes marionnettes M. Schwab. Je ne reconnais pas ton autorité et je n'adhère pas à tes principes de culte. Legault, Premier of Quebec Canada, in 2017 Legault = Schwab student. Schwab? World Economic Forum - Davos- Megalomaniac: Schwab 2016 on Suisse TV: " At first we will plant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin. And, in the end maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world"

GSH for Life

- half a year ago Schwab Admits he Controls Trudeau & Cabinet of Canada – Now the World


- half a year ago  

Unelected and unaccountable, Schwab and his mini-me's are the self-selected saviours of the world ... but only for the elite or compliant. The great unwashed ( ie anyone who disagrees ...) are to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. Just look at the damage this shower of shits has collectively unleashed on the world. The organisation puts forward a public face of good natured, transformational zealots but are, in fact, extremely anti-democratic, anti-human and seditionist. They are determined to install unelected and unaccountable world governance by stealth, undermining and obliterating democratic processes and destroying national sovereignty so that the technocratic bureaucracy (controlled and funded by the banksters at large through the corrupt UN) will determine every parameter of every human being's existence under their sole and absolute authority. This is nothing short of totalitarianism the like of which the world has never seen before. They are part of a global criminal enterprise and need to be rooted out, arrested, charged en masse and, on conviction, dealt appropriately per their crimes against humanity. The swaggering, arrogant narcissists think they are untouchable and beyond the reach of justice .... just look at the likes of Bliar, Ardern, Macron and Trudeau. But they all better think again on that one. It's one second to midnight and their party is about over.