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Wonder Drug As Potential Cure For Coronavirus Patients

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Here is some very interesting information. The video is removed already. It was a news clip from the OAN TV station. Shelly has mentioned Ivermectin several times but the "Heather Camp" wants to bury it under a rock and discredit her for suggesting we look at it as a possible treatment for those sick with COVID. When Pallister was asked about it , he quickly changed the subject to deflect the question and no one held him accountable to answer the reporter's question. I also suppose you all saw the disappointing news of Judge Joyal's ruling today. Is there any justice in the Judicial system? How can Judge Joyal ignore and dismiss such incredible testimony from so many experts and say the Bureaucrats in the Public Health have the ultimate authority to make the rules without having to justify any of the COVID measures and lockdowns with any real science. If you read all the affidavits you would have seen that Dr Joel Kettner and a few other experts totally set the record straight, but Joyal chose to ignore it and plead ignorance on the subject. Rather than look at the amazing science these doctors presented he chose to hide behind the skirts of the "Demi Gods" of Public Health. How is Public Health allowed to continue with fraudulent 40 cycle PCR testing to fuel and inflate the cases to justify their perverted rationale?.






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