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David Icke Explains The True Nature of Our Reality

  - 1:08:28

Episode Description: Are we under deep mind control or are we receiving signals directly into our minds from something we can't see? I sat down with David Icke where he explains the true nature of our reality. You best be sitting down as well when you hear who's really in control of our minds, our thoughts and our behaviors. Jason is interviewing 15-20 of the world's top mind control experts, in order to get the footage he needs to finish his first documentary Planet Mind Control --> David was really connecting the dots, regarding who we are, what we're doing here, what was really in the jab and why this ruling group is always trying to keep us in fear. The next guest is Dr. Mark McDonald --> Canada's woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary Are Canadians Too Nice To Save Themselves? A prime example --> of human behavior being modified in covert ways. Could Canada have been designed as a breeding ground for "nice person" programming, in order to bully that nonviolent and hyper agreeable population into a postmodern form of e-communism? Regardless of the answer, Canada appears poised to take the gold medal for societal self a race to herd the world's population into a governing structure where even the most basic freedoms wouldn't be possible. A foreign journalist arrives in Canada and understands very quickly that Canada is circling the drain and that full blown tyrannical communism is just around the corner. "Nice Canadians" don't appear to be reacting. Shocking reason why Canada's millionaires are leaving! SOMETHING IS WRONG IN CANADA --> HOW IS CANADA'S ECONOMY FARING COMPARED TO OTHERS? THE POWER IN YOU - THIS IS HOW YOU WIN IT ALL -->






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September 1st 2023  

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