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Vaccinated Will Be More Sick

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Vaccine Choice Canada Fights Vaccine Mandates. Canada's #1 resources for cited vaccine information. Read their position paper on vaccine mandates. Follow them on Telegram as well. NHS Admits Vaccinated Are More Sick. UK government admits that anyone getting both shots will be dead or sick this fall - clause 32 and 56 in their own report COVID Vaccines Destroy Immunity - A caring doctor, Dr. Ryan Cole, explains that his vaccinated patients are in trouble with their immunity. Dr. David Bauer, a globalist backed scientist then admits to the same. Vaccinated Getting More Sick - Hundreds of medical doctors and PhD scientists have come forward since April of 2020 to explain how the COVID vaccines will only increase disease and death. Stand up Canada provides information for fighting illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandates here in Canada. Canadian Government Crimes How To Challenge Vaccine Mandates At Work In Canada Media and Government Lying About 95% Vaccine Effectiveness Lawyer - Vaccine Mandates Against The Canadian Constitution Canadian Universities Breaking The Law Government Policies Violate Nuremberg Code for Medical Experimentation Is Vaccine Genocide A Possible Explanation For Government Mandates






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August 25th 2021  

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GSH for Life

- a year ago  

Dead At 31. Completely Natural. Nothing To See Here. Move Along... Healthy young man dead at 31. Gee, I wonder what could have caused that? There are now 4 official causes of death. 1) not the new medicine 2) the disease the medicine is supposed to combat 3) a blood clot, heart attack or aneurysm.....which are all listed side effects of the new medicine (but that's never mentioned of course) and 4) the authorities declare that "they don't know why he died" but they "know for sure it wasn't the new medicine." You'll also see what surviving sport's stars are famous for..........knowing something isn't right but saying the right thing to the camera when they're interviewed because for sport's stars to get paid, these "operations" need to move forward. Just obey, comply, repeat and keep cashing those big pay cheques. Think of yourself yet pretend to care for others.....but ignore what's really happening because your pay cheque depends on it. Death is final and you don't get a retake. Living is also final, you're either self centered or you're moral and ethical. There's no in-between. Let's hope one of his team mates comes forward and explains what really happened here. A very dark force has now entered our world and basically most people are dancing with the devil, hoping the devil doesn't bite into their neck. I would like to wager that everyone on the team expresses their deepest condolences but in no way would ever want to investigate what actually took their team mate into the next world, at only 31 years of age. Get ready for 1000 stories about this young man and lots of ceremonies on opening day, with very few having the courage to ask the hard questions, inside an ever growing satanic society. Evil doesn't stop until you make it stop. That's as clear as any lesson throughout history. For now, most just look the other way and lie straight to their own faces, as they look in the mirror. This means only more of this situation is coming. This darkness starts after the kids at government school in only 2 weeks. God isn't impressed with many humans right now.