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Dr Andrew Moulden - What he told us before he was murdered

  - 8:56

In Memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar - 10:56 ---> Good day everyone, We would like to inform you that the Government of Canada wants to make changes to the regulation of natural products in order to treat them as pharmaceutical products. Consequently, their proposals will force many Canadian and Quebec companies, which manufacture the natural products we sell, to raise their prices or outright close shop at a time when Canadians are already seeing their budgets shrink…. Canada's natural, organic and wellness products sector is essential to enabling Canadians to play a proactive role in managing their health and living happy and healthy lives. Help us continue to keep natural health products available to Canadians at an affordable price! Make your voice heard by participating in the advocacy and consultation campaign. In addition, I ask you to challenge our federal deputy, Francis Drouin, to be our voice during the consultation period and during parliamentary sessions concerning this new law that is being put forward. Please like, share and participate in the campaign by completing the form at the following link: #saveoursupplements






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May 24th 2023  

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