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Former Global News Director ''We Shoved Propaganda In Your Face''

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Former Global News Director Anita Krishna, with 25 years of experience, testified at the National Citizen Inquiry that during the COVID-19 pandemic, "our stories were slanted," "we shoved propaganda in your face," and that working for the broadcaster "was like working in the twilight zone." Krishna also testified that she was eventually dismissed for speaking out about the broadcaster's selective reporting on the pandemic. CTV was the same. Don’t have to mention the CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) University of Glasgow's "Research Integrity team" turns a blind eye to research misconduct / fabrication of fake, meaningless "SARS-COV-2 genome" May 2023, re fake-virus fake-sequencing aka "virus sequencing" From NEXT LEVEL: auto-translation: "We asked the WHO directly about the necessary negative controls in genome sequencing Dr Lorenzo Subisi: 1. Bachelors in Chemistry 2. Masters in Biochemistry and Masters in Epidemiology 3. PhD in Molecular Virology❗️ The WHO scientist confirms: negative control in genome sequencing is an important point. But he is not aware of any study . ❗️ The next confirmation hammer While the expert Subissi describes in his own publication "An early warning system for emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants" that amplicon-based sequencing methods are prone to sequence errors and poor sequence qualities , he admits that the negative controls are an important point, but he is not aware of a single publication that carried them out! 💡Note: A negative control represents a standard experimental control. An absolute standard in science. Even the WHO confirms the lack of the simplest basic controls. they were told, ‘just be quiet,'”






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