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  - 15:45 Greg Mitchell is the Washington lobbyist for the Church of Scientology. Mitchell used his connections to maneuver a fellow Scientologist and model, Joy Villa, into the inner circles of power. Her former manager, Robbie Olson, blew the whistle on Villa’s infiltration attempts. He named Greg Mitchell as her handler. Suspected members of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) worked in parallel to build and lead an elaborate network of health freedom activist groups in their two cornerstone states: 1) California, 2) Florida. In California, Villa’s name supplied credibility to new activist groups like Latinos for Medical Freedom started by Denise Aguilar (a.k.a. Militia Mom) and lobbyist Jonathan Lockwood. Assets like Aguilar found their way to Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. Erin Malone Olszewski describes herself as a lifelong business owner and the “Undercover Nurse of Elmhurst”. Olszewski’s earlier assignment to the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion provides her with a unique skillset. During an interview on Alex Jones, Olszewski hints she took part in [covert action?] operations while in the Middle East. She likely uses the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in the military to operate [knowingly or unknowingly] in the capacity of a case officer. Olszewski’s political affiliation with Scientologist lobbyist Greg Mitchell, COGOP Chair candidate Jonathan Lockwood, and ‘Militia Mom’ Denise Aguilar make her a key asset in #OPERATIONFURIOSA #INVINOVERITAS






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