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80 Dead Canadian Doctors Who Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly

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* LINK TO DR.MAK!S'S LETTER TO SEND TO YOUR MP'S/DOCTORS/SENATE etc- Do not send above letter as an attachment to MP's. They do NOT open attachments. Screenshot or put it in the actual body of the email. Copy and paste if you have to. The first episode wherein I interviewed Dr.Mak!s , the number was closer to 30. Once Canadians saw that episode they started contacting Dr.Makis that THEIR doctor had also died suddenly. A team of 3 investigated each new death to make sure it truly was unexpected and sudden. Dr.Mak!s has written to the CMA and publicly posted the letter. I will ask Dr.Makis if they have responded. Dr.Makis has news about more than just the deaths. Interview 2 Dr.Mak!s -The # is now 80 Dead Canadian Doctors Who Died Suddenly or Unexpectedley Do NOT miss Liberty Talk Canada's series about the NEWEST Policy Horizons report found on the government of Canada's own website. We as tax payers are paying these people to advise our politician's. The head of the Policy Horizon advisors to Canada sit on the WEF board as leaders. They are advising human DNA editing, crispr, mRNA , regular parenthood through sex becoming a thing of the past, and much much more. They are expressing their views that the "un-augmented" humans may not get into schools, get jobs, or get onto sports teams. Within all of their fluffy,feel good language is an agenda to turn us into tech and partial robots. Part 1 is here: AND PART 2 IS HERE: Go to to register to watch the PREMIERE evening of Tiptoe To Tyranny with community, and ask the doctors questions in the Q and A. Follow me on twitter @odessaorlewicz Follow my shows at: or






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