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Vladimir Zelenskyy Explains Impending Nuke Hoax Part 6

  - 4:38

Nuke Hoax Occultists Predictive Programming for Nuclear Apocalypse in "The Thriller" July 7th 2023 OWEN BENJAMIN | #1727 OWEN BENJAMIN NUKES TWITTER MINDS & MILLIONS MENTALLY MELT FROM THE FALLOUT March 12th 2023 Michael Jackson's Nuke Hoax Occultists Predictive Programming for Nuclear Apocalypse ( Michael jackson Making of Thriller was an Occultist Mind Control Program where the Zombies were designed after a Nuke Hoax Apocalypse January 27th 2023 World Health Organization Recommends Stockpiling Meds for Radiological Catastrophe Nuke Hoax Emergency -No Nuke Shelters no Nuclear Button ft Urgent Russia, Israel & Vatican Nuclear Bomb & Nuclear Power Danger Hoax Nuclear Power Danger Hoax + Manhattan "Project Tesla" - Fusion Debunking Einstein + Nuke Hoax 3 by Chief Justice Tesla-Westinghouse invented nuclear power & depleted Uranium






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July 7th 2023  

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- half a year ago  

Good job 👏 nukes are nanothermite incendiary megaton bombs, and the nanothermite gives away the killers of mankind and their evil doings at numerous supposed "nuke sites", and "terrorist" attacks including 9/11, Oklahoma City, USA and Dresden, Germany during World War II where the killers of mankind slaughtered a hospital 🏥 and town in the most massive single genocide event to ever take place!!! The elephant 🐘 at the zoo was heard by the zookeeper as it was ❤️‍🔥 burning alive. 😭😭😭