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Pilots Testify About On Going Geo-Engineering Experiments

  - 14:29

This one pisses me off so much and yes, they are real.






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October 10th 2021  

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- half a year ago  

Do you really think the people behind all this really want to harm themselves? Where are the fuel analysis? Where are the whistleblowers that fuel up planes, make the fuel? Fill up tanks or whatever? My father was a B-52 pilot (SAC) before the Nam war, they had contrails then. Other pilots (when in formation) saw this and changed altitude as not to (con) on missions to give visual location at high altitude (varies at altitude) with atmospheric conditions. .They say co2 is bad for the planet? We only have 11 years left AOC says. Al Gore (inventor or the internet) said we'll be under water by now! Fouchi says if you get the shot you wont get covid! Defund police, Shit pants president.. on and on nothing but koolaid for all the sheeple to take in. I believe in cold beer and hot dogs.


- half a year ago  

The fallen angels have been terraforming the entire earth since they rebelled against Us the Most High so that everything would be dead and dying just like them! Trump reauthorized Harvard's Geo-engineering calling it "cloud seeding". They have made rapid developments in the technology used to do the huge spraying. They have been spraying with deliberate nefarious intent to make all the trees turn into match sticks! That's what you are seeing in the west coast fires the past several years and more. COVID-19🔥💥 BIOWEAPON ☢️ DISPERSION SYSTEM REVEALED! AGENDA: 🧠🤯 MIND CONTROL! US MILITARY COMPLICIT! WAR!! **ALERT!** NASA WAR DOCUMENT REVEALED! REPENT in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene! ☠️ AEROSOL NANOPARTICULATE STRONTIUM BARIUM ALUMINUM ☠️ DEATH DUMPS OF TRUMP USAF NASA & HARVARD 🔥⚕️ WHY JOAN RIVERS WAS MURDERED! The REAL O'BAMA'S, THE REAL TRUMP! TEARING DOWN THE VEIL! HUGE SECRET REVEALED!

Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

its time to stop killing the whole earth. Because the meek have to have something to inherit.