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Dr. Gerry Live @ Freedom Rally Winkler

  - 49:27

Dr. Gerry Live @ Freedom Rally Winkler - 49:27 LIVE @ FREEDOM RALLY WINKLER! ++++++++++ Dr. Gerry Bohemier - Winnipeg Alternative Media - 1:14:59 PSFPT #147 - Pallister Is Pissed! W/ Dr. Gerry Bohemier & Amanda Lynn- Hosted by Todd Ian McDougall ++++++++++






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May 3rd 2021  

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GSH for Life

- half a year ago  

HEALTH CANADA HAS ANNOUNCED THE PFIZER VACCINE FOR AGES 12-15! THE CHILDREN NEED OUR ACTION! Folks, the children need our help and our action. Please take the time to copy and paste the letter below into an email with the subject heading "CEASE & DESIST ALL COVID VACCINES AND GENOCIDE OF CHILDREN". Send it to police associations (, police services board, MPs and MPPs (, superintendents or WHOEVER YOU WANT. Just get it out there and tell these criminals to STOP. Cease and Desist Vaccines Letter: To the Police Association of Ontario and all regional Police Associations, MPPs, MP’s, Superintendents or anyone else, Health Canada has just announced that the Pfizer vaccine will be given to children ages 12-15 ( There is no way that there could be any conclusive or scientific data collected until at least 2023. In addition, according to Pfizer’s own report they are advising people the harm/risk of their experiment ( This attempted genocide must stop immediately, THESE ARE CHILDREN! You will find the full documentation, Criminal Code of Canada violations and evidence attached to this email and linked in pdf form here: full binder of evidence here: It must also be brought to your attention that all COVID measures and vaccinations have already been put through the trial process by the International Tribunal and there is an order to CEASE & DESIST all COVID measures and vaccinations: Along with the other facts surrounding the deaths and adverse reactions to all COVID vaccines: Treatments exist and have been withheld from medical doctors and public knowledge (, experts have been censored ( and human rights violated on a global scale ( Astrazeneca deaths are being reported in Alberta ( and Quebec ( Cease and desist the murder of children. Police, arrest the criminals and accomplices committing the genocide. These are violations and international crimes of the highest order and have already been reported to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the International Criminal Court and the United States Military Alliance. We are living, breathing men and women and we do not stand under your jurisdiction nor do the laws of civil procedure apply to living, breathing men and women. Yours in Truth,