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They Can Only Push You As Far As You Let Them

  - 1:07:26

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth." - George Orwell






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Uploaded 2 years ago  

March 3rd 2021  

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Category: Health And Wellness


Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 years ago  

give em hell, but don't forget how willing these demonic black souls in power, will try and kill you, believe it. But when God is with you, the battle is the LORD's.


- 2 years ago  

I agree that all around the world we should rise up and join in protests for March 20th. The more people that join in and raise their voice, the sooner we can end this Plandemic everywhere. The next step once everything is opened back up is to collectively sue our Governments for the damages they have caused. Again we should start protesting 5G technology from being turned on. If it does get turned on they (Governments around the world) will make up another fake virus to cover up the sicknesses and deaths it will cause. The military already use 5g as a weapon, so what does that tell you? It's all about total control of populations, and also reducing populations world wide. Look up the Georgia Guide Stones and see for yourself what is in store for us all. Satan has put all his minions in positions of power, but we the people of the world are the true power, and it is time to take it back now. Remember God wins in the end.