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La farce vaccinale/la Farsa de la vacunación

  - 23:01

La vaccination obligatoire : mieux vaut en rire qu'en pleurer !/La vacunación obligatoria : ¡mejor reír que llorar ! Pour vous procurer les livres mentionnés dans la vidéo : Why Vaccination Continues - 11:10 -> (Full version) Vaccination 101 with Ghis - 52:12 (Short version She explains: ''Well what do the vaccines contain? What's in it?! Well you will never know because its top secret. Well, if I have a secret for somebody just guess you know common sense, if I have a secret for somebody, its because I want to hide something to them. What would they want to hide people? Well #1 if people knew precisely what is in those vaccines, maybe they would refuse it! If people knew that they are made with microbes, its a cocktail of microbes that are genetically and artificially modified and recombined all together, they would maybe NOT WANT to have the vaccines. If they knew that those microbes are in a broth, a cultured broth of cells. Animal cells and human cells that are CANCEROUS and CONTAMINATED, maybe they wouldn't want the vaccines. And if they knew that preservatives, adjuvants were added to the whole thing, to make sure, to KILL the remaining germs... and that those are very strong poisons that KILL the LIVING CELLS, maybe they would not want to have the vaccines.'' Why Vaccination Continues -> Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. - For The Love Of Viruses! - 2:02:47 Viruses do not exist, they are not alive, they are dead cellular debris: HIV-not-the-cause-of-AIDS.: The Germ Theory Fraud - 2:31






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