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Take your kids out of schools now - Psychiatrist Dr. Marc McDonald

  - 12:29

Author of 'United States of Fear' How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis






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June 9th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

If you are especially a young man or woman and you are looking for a possible marriage type relationship I tell you all to source out a good and solid functioning church in your community and first find and trust Jesus who will help you be you a woman or man find truth and a relationship in this church. I'm serious folks, this is likely the best place to find a true and traditional relationship and marriage. Also as toxic as things can be folks especially guys please don't trust in pornography and especially hard core porn. Soft porn as in skin magazines may impart feelings toward the body but hard core porn and participating in bdsm will only have you lust for the acts you see and not for the person you watch in hard core porn or participate in. Hard core porn and hard core sex including bdsm will eat your mind, your will and desires to find true love. Call me a prude or just dumb but my watching of hard core porn notably online and it's only minimal watching for me has caused demons to in ways cloud and even pervert my mind. Again my experience with hard core porn in minimal but it's enough to permanently scar my mind and heart. Please folks do not get into porn or participate in hard core sex and bdsm, it will scar you for life. Find Jesus as I have, find the best church you can and search out love from others inside the congregation.✝️🙏✝️


- half a year ago  

No doubt about schools any more. Horrible like the media