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Must See Ritual Decoded! Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News & Don Lemon Fired By CNN On The Same Day!

  - 1:35:55

Jesus Is Coming Soon!






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April 26th 2023  

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- a month ago  

The name Jesus is a reference to Odysseus "Zeus" for short, the fallen angel Gadreel that caused the fall of mankind and rebelled against the Kingdom of Heaven bringing one third of all holy angels with him. Tucker Carlson was always part of "the club". You know Enki and Enlil the lords of the underworld. You listen to and watch them play out their fake feud every week: Trump/Biden; his main character role is Ron Maysack as REVEALED and CONDEMNED by Moses in the Day of Judgement! Perfect biometrics matching on three points, perfect across the board. Trump/Biden/Maysack is Apollyon in the Greek, Abaddon in the Hebrew. This unlocks the remainder of Scripture the evangelizing gospel. Obama is the king of the Medes and the Persians from Scripture; he is the satanic incarnation of Pharaoh Ahkenaten, Ammon Rah, the counterfeiting demon Rah which claimed to be the sun god Ammon Rah - a rip off of My Divine Title Sarrah. The Tavistock Institute made over the actor Heath Ledger, whose final starring role was the Joker in Batman, made over to look like Pharaoh Akhenaten, the same Pharaoh that tried to force Me Sarah Mother of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, then wife of Abraham, to be his wife. Our Lord struck the house of Pharaoh with the plagues for his wickedness, as REVEALED and recorded in Breetah, the Book of Creation. You know that Book as "Genesis" which is an apostate title meaning the generations of Isis/Zeus Satan that ancient serpent the behemoth of the great deep the red dragon. Amen.