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7 minutes later she died

  - 4:59

She begged her mom not to but she did it anyway. 7 minutes later she died. Testimony NCI - National Citizens Inquiry Hearings Information SPREAD the WORD. It's going to take ALL of US, the Freedom Loving Patriots Worldwide to END this TYRANNY. NCI Information The NCI Volunteers, Lawyers and Commissioners have been working very hard to bring the truth about Covid across Canada by listening and recording hundreds of testimonies from Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Judges, Teachers, Military, Police, Funeral Directors and Lay people who have suffered from the Covid Protocols OUR Government INFLICTED ON US these past 3 years. It is up to us now to get this message out there to other Canadians, MPs, Senators, MLAs, Mayors, Businesses, Lay People, etc. WE are HOPING that once the REPORT is WRITTEN that this ISSUE will be PRESENTED in PARLIAMENT. National Citizens Inquiry Canada Mrs. Free-nid Takes on COVID-19: A Journey Through COVID19 with Cathy Jones | NCI If we want to have a World where WE can raise OUR Children and Grandchildren FREE FROM TYRANNY it is up to all of us to roll up our sleeves and help out by spreading the word and engaging in meaningful conversations with friends and family. Call up your MPs and ask them to watch the NCI hearings and speak to your Medical Doctors and ask them to listen to the EXPERT WITNESSES who were INTERVIEWED UNDER OATH. Below is an example of what one Canadian Patriot is doing to get the message out to the USA. Canada was on the for front of the TRUCKERS CONVOY which INSPIRED many OTHER COUNTRIES to STAND UP for THEIR FREEDOMS. WE are now the front runners of getting the real truth out via the National Citizens Inquiry Hearings.






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May 1st 2023  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- a month ago  

So sad, not just because of her loss, but that there is strong delusion upon so many. 5013c full deception church'anity, drunken pasteurizers...


- a month ago  

Yup, and to think all you had to do was study what mRNA is and you would've never even considered taking the shot. Bye Mom.