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FDA APPROVAL ILLEGAL! DOCTOR REVEALS PFIZER INSERT PROVES CRIMINAL REGULATION VIOLATIONS! Donate and support my work: Stew Peters: Dr. Jane Ruby: Stew Peters Archive: FDA Approval may give lawyers more ammunition to fight mandates and the Pfizer injections from being pushed onto your kids! The package insert reveals "criminal action", according to Dr. Jane Ruby, who joins Stew Peters to discuss the unprecedented action taken by the FDA.






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August 25th 2021  

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- a year ago  

This was authorized illegally by Biden's UNCONFIRMED FDA chair Woodcunt who will not be comfirmed because she caused the Hilbiily heroin crises by stopping a black box warnning on perdue fredricks' oxycontin product. She gives good approval for big pharma and is paid big bucks for doing so. She is a throwaway who's career was going nowhere anyway so she had no problem stepping up and committing another crime. Germany suspended all covid injections today because so many people are dying. nice work Woodcunt. Where is the FDA's IG?

GSH for Life

- a year ago  

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