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Weather Warfare

  - 28:34

Weather warfare/modification is old history. In this video, one of the main developers of the technology, Ben Livingston speaks about cloud seeding and killing hurricanes. Mr. Livingston also talks about his role in Operation Popeye, by which the USAF extensively used weather warfare against the Vietcong. Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare -> Weather Warfare: The Invisible U.S. Military Offensives in Weather Weaponry -> Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War ->






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August 17th 2021  

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GSH for Life

- half a year ago -> Psychopath David Keith: ''Spray Pollution to Stop It Warming'' - 4:35 Keith acts as if this is a new plan not in operation... They've been doing it for decades and it's destroying our natural weather patterns and making us sick. It's called geoengineering. Colbert gets it right at the end of this video!

GSH for Life

- half a year ago  

The Dimming Film Preview - 4:25 -> The climate is being engineered. The forests (where nature's remedies/cures are found) are being burned down purposely to move people into the cities (prison camps) where they will be eradiated by the technology and monitored 24/7. Its climate engineering, not ''climate change''. NATO and the military are behind this mess! Bill Gates, Professor David Keith and academia are also participating in brainwashing children in schools. This website is intended to bring public awareness to the ongoing and decades in development global climate engineering operations which have long since rendered natural weather a thing of the distant past. Every day around the world there are dozens of companies conducting hundreds of weather modification programs and altering global weather patterns, yet the vast majority of the general public have no idea such Godlike capabilities even exist. Methods being used range from conventional cloud seeding to advanced EMF and Laser cloud creation technologies. This is the commercial side of climate engineering, there is then the clandestine side of global operations.