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Coordinated Radiation And Injection Attacks

  - 1:28:52

Coordinated radiation and injection attacks against BC rural population: Genocide Klanmother Nurse Karen MacDonald WATCH LIVESTREAM ON FACEBOOK WATCH LIVESTREAM ON YOU TUBE WATCH LIVESTREAM ON TWITTER






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December 3rd 2021  

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- half a year ago  

Heres Some new info Doctor Pablo Campra, studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide. Using micro-ram spectrocopy. Which studies the frequencies. There are two of the frequency bands that are most important. They show that it is not graphene oxide but rather graphene hydroxide. It is a mono layer activated carbon. There are C6 rings found in all samples. Every corner is a carbon atom that is on a nano scale. If it is 50nm long there are 500 rings in a row. These are hydroxy groups. In graphene oxide you have double bonded oxygen. In graphene hydroxide you have an OH group. with which, electrons are delocalized, making them fully mobile. Now the piece may be 50nm long, But it will only be 0.1 nm thin and sharp just like a razor blade. These C6 structures are extremely stable; you could make brake pads out of this. Another bad attribute, its not biologically decomposable. It doesn't naturally dissolve. These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades. These razor blades are injected into the body. If it hits a vein. You will be cut up from the inside. These OH groups are wide, tall and very thin. One atom thick. These OH groups can split off of a proton. When the proton is split off, they gain a negative charge spread out over its whole system. It suspends well in water because of the negative charge. These razor blades are spread homogeneously in the liquid. Our blood vessels wall is lined by an exceedingly thin single sheet of endothelial cells, the endothelium, separated from the surrounding outer layers by a basal lamina. The endothelial cell liners are also extremely smooth which helps the blood to flow smoother. Imagine a 5 gallon bucket of water that has 5 million tiny razor blades mixed in it. That you pump through a 20 ft garden hose. Can you imagine the damage? That is another reason the vaccines are so dangerous. Toxicologists can't imagine there are structures that can cut up blood vessels from the inside out. When the toxicologists do their testing. They do them in petri dishes. Where the sample is motionless. Similar to having a razor blade just sitting on the table, nothing gets cut. Exactly like the toxicologists test. With their sample sitting there motionless in the petri dish. These structures have to be in motion to do damage. Like flowing through blood. If you do an autopsy on any of the victims you will not find anything. These are the sharpest imaginable structures because of how thin they are. These are huge molecules that are super thin which makes them very sharp. People are bleeding to death from the inside out. Especially the top athletes due to their fast flowing blood. The Doctor that discovered this did his doctoral thesis on turning graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide. He was hired directly from school for a very high position, placed in charge of new activated carbon products across all of Europe. We know if a chemist were to inject this stuff into somebody's blood they would be considered a murderer. This is a new material that toxicologists are not aware of yet.