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Fascinating Interview Dr. David Martin

  - 29:09

Follow the patents... ...It will take you to the money Dr David Martin Presentation November 2021 -> In this video, and with the RCMP cooperation combined with City Detachment police across the Country, we can bring this tyranny to an end. This evidence, plus much, much more is available and there are many people ready and will to testify. We may need to create our own courts within common law, outside of the Crown courts that have been clearly corrupted. We must use common law, and the good of the people in the police force to break chain of command to make the arrests we need to make. Why not use the quarantine camps to hold the politicians that we, the people, wish to charge for their complicity in these crimes.






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November 13th 2021  

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- half a year ago  

I respect Dr. David Martin a lot, but I completely disagree with the psychological babble that he's producing here about the motives of those committing these crimes. The only thing motivating these criminals is first and foremost ego followed closely by an intermingled with greed, both taken to a distorted level of sociopathy and psychopathy, and as far as their progeny goes, they proudly raise their children to be exactly like them. One need look no further than the prime example of Biden and his son Hunter.