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mRNA Vaccines Show No Mortality Benefit - Danish Study

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Sourced of - Peak Prosperity - The mRNA vaccines have been endlessly billed as “Safe & Effective.” But are they? A lot depends on what one means by “safe” (which is always a relative term, as nothing is ever perfectly safe) and what the definition of “effective” is. By effective, I think we can all agree that a vaccine designed to be mass adopted in the midst of a pandemic ought to reduce deaths from the pandemic disease. That means it ought to reduce overall mortality. Hopefully, we can agree that’s the right metric, because if a vaccine reduces some deaths in this part of the equation, but induces a similar amount of deaths over in some other part of the health equation, then it’s not actually being "effective" in terms of reducing mortality. A new Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits. Zero. Nada. So, let's list what the vaccines don't do: they don't stop infection or transmission and they don't reduce deaths. Using only RCT trial data from the pharma companies themselves, the pooled results from the mRNA vaccines show no discernible mortality benefit. Alternatively, and quite happily, the adenovirus vector vaccines – that’s J&J and Astra-Zeneca – do show a VERY positive mortality benefit from Covid and, intriguingly, even from non-Covid deaths. How can this be? I don’t know, but it’s the sort of data that begs for more inquiry and understanding. More on original page REFERENCES






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April 26th 2022  

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These drug companies, especially the ones developing the injections for covid, I have lost all credibility, and none of their data is to be trusted. That is the explanation for the Johnson & Johnson shot. In actual fact, according to the data, all vaccines ever developed are ineffective, and in fact the data for all of them shows that they were introduced after the incidence of infections in the population had gone down some 90% And was trending toward zero when the vaccines we're introduced.