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Dmitry Kats, PhD: From Niatonin to Niacur - Detox Guide Pt 2/2

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Sourced of - Chris Masterjohn, PhD - This video and my entire account are likely to be deleted soon, the way YouTube took down my most important video ever, my interview with Jessica Rose, PhD, as "medical misinformation." Please make sure you stay connected to me at During this critical time where our freedom of health and freedom of speech is in imminent danger, and where tens of thousands of people are facing imminent job losses as the result of medical mandates, I am devoting my analytical skills full time toward the battle for health freedom. This includes working directly with lawyers in lawsuits over mandates, lockdowns, and the current standard of care, scientifically analyzing the safety, efficacy, and risks of mandated medical treatments and their alternatives as well as ways to mitigate their harms, publishing my findings in scientific journals and sharing them with you. It is my firm conviction that this is the most important gift I can offer the world right now, and I view this as a needed public service. I would be extremely grateful if you could support me during this time. At, you can purchase one of my information products in amounts ranging from $3 to $30, or take advantage of my consulting services for more. You can also make a purchase using one of my affiliate links to buy something you would have bought anyway at no extra cost to you. Finally, at, you can make a donation in any amount. This interview was recorded during a Live Zoom recording, where members of the CMJ Masterpass sat in and submitted comments and questions in the live chat. If you would like to sit in on future interviews I conduct with the chance to contribute questions, sign up for the Masterpass at and use the code INTERVIEW for 10% off the membership fee for as long as you remain a member.






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