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"Irreparable Damage" to the Immune System Caused by the Shots - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  - 3:28

Sourced of - The Vigilant Fox - "This is what they're talking about: how people can get AIDS from these shots, because it destroys their immune system and shuts it down. [It] shuts down the Toll-like receptors and the [CD8 + T-cells], and it appears as though that's irreparable damage, and it will never come back based on German data." Full Video: Follow the Fox Telegram: Gettr: Truth: Gab:






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April 8th 2022  

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Buffalo back

- 3 months ago  

This was the plan. Gates has talked about this.


- 3 months ago  

P A R I S I T I S M... FROM Where and WHY, from what Thing does the spike protein come from...doesn't she know? Why has the primary immune system been activated? What caused the chaos? Tell us! She CAN NOT, to save her status. IF SHE DOESN'T KNOW? Why should I waste my time listening to this SHIT! BUT SOME DO KNOW, BUT CAN'T TELL US. SINCE THE EARLY 1900'S...THEY FIGURED "IT" OUT. and started using IT on you...SPANISH FLU for YOU was a cover for GENOCIDE. 100 million DEAD...I congratulate those that see. TRYPANOSOMA BRUCEI CLONES cultured in the labs INJECTED INTO ALL SHEEP LIKE SOLDIERS ...can you say Febrile syndrome...yellow fever, typhoid fever, yes the arms of Morpheus are soothing, ..blah blah,blah. Good luck if you wake up! SHE OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT KNOW...OR SEE. Investigate without bias. Stop using the Buzz Words OF BULLSHIT. VIRUS, VACCINES, SPIKE, CYTOKINE STORM, DO THE WORK...IGNORE THE LIES and PROPAGANDA OF YOUR "MEDICAL EDUCATION ". ..Not all lies. START FROM SCRATCH ...but from where? DEFINE ALL TERMS BASED ON UNBIASED RESEARCH...don't forget to define the word "is". START WITH UNDERSTANDING THAT PARASITISM IS REAL AND SPECTACULAR. ALL OF VIROLOGY and Infection "theory" IS BASED IN PARASITISM... Trypanosoma Brucei is the model for all infection theory. I'm right. It's right. ...ALL WILL BE REVEALED WHEN YOU START OVER. you really want to SEE "IT"? ...wink