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Why the fight for freedoms is so crucial TODAY!

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Sourced of - Charles Kovess - In this week's episode, I aim to strongly rekindle in you, your personal commitment to fighting for your freedoms. I say your freedoms are at grave risk and the threats to your freedoms are increasing. Do you want to sacrifice your freedoms for the illusion of security? You can lock yourself away in a physical, or mental jail and think you are safe, but that's not what being a human being is all about. In this week's show, I share with you seven big current threats to your freedoms that are moving like a tidal wave to wash away important freedoms that you might just be taking for granted. However, people united against this tidal wave will succeed in preserving human freedoms. A lack of unity will put all humanity into metaphorical jails except for an elite minority. I don't want to be in jail and I hope you don't want to live your life in that way. This show might help you think differently. Visit either one or both of my websites. For individual work and to start your Self-Awareness and Passion Quest For corporate and public programs Register to receive my regular Passion Points To Ponder via either website. Visit my YouTube page for the video-podcast Listen to my fortnightly radio program, Mind Medicine, on TNTRadio.Live here: For direct emails and book orders, send me an email: [email protected]






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