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Wise words from Dr. Bhakdi - Routine introduction of gene based vaccines spells the downfall of mankind #stop - .xlTX1 yt1KCLBwH6

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August 3rd 2022  

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"How do you rob a swordsman? First you tie him up, then you ransack his house." - Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene and Father Allaha, Us, The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. You can find that quote from Us in the evangelizing gospel at "A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Us as quoted from the evangelizing gospel. The house of Satan is divided against itself and it cannot WILL NOT stand! Trump/Biden, the angel of the eternal hellfire, was judged and condemned in the Day of Judgement by Moses who has risen in the judgment of the world to condemn the Liar the Killer of mankind from the beginning: Donald Trump aka Joe Biden. We tied up the swordsman and We are ransacking his house. He no longer has the power and authority of Satan. This IS the first king of Babylon and THE LAST king of Babylon! The killers of mankind are on their way to the sea of eternal hellfire dying the final death in eternal torment, that recurring death. You MUST get busy DOING what you have always been commanded TO DO if you do not wish to endure the fate of the sinner whose recompense IS the sea of eternal hellfire! Amen.