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If your unvaccinated, see this update on the potential threats to you from those mRNA vaccinated via shedding. All sources of data are cited. #courageousdiscourse-Unvax vs Vax Risks

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December 1st 2022  

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- 3 weeks ago  

It's worse than he knows, the nano tech is transmitted as well. Leading research from an international group of microbiologist share the microscopic evidence on video. I've posted it on my channel. Dr. Mac is on the right side, but he's refused to look at the blood himself. A cheap microscope will show you all you need to see, look for yourself.


- 3 weeks ago  

Name one vaccine that has prevented any disease or condition claimed to exist and prevented the claimed disease from decimating the population! $$$.... I'll wait...$$$.... Belief in PHARMAKIA does not necessarily prove PHARMAKIA is the solution...PHARMAKIA is the solution to the people problem, not the disease problem. PHARMAKIA is solving the issue of human disease , too many peeps, this is the last war...but wait...war is good right? Be on the side of power or fight power with minority democracy use minority politics to subvert the majority...force them to fight a war without Christianity ....only J -E -W and Islamic dudes are allowed to fight , can they get along? ...NOT A FY KING CHANCE... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... Islam/Judeaism breeds scum, polygamist pedophiles and rapists of non-buybull humans that couldn't care less about a 2000 year old book written by JEWS and plagiarized by Arab MOHAMMEDEN SCUM.


- 3 weeks ago  

Hi Fredy greetz from the Netherlands ....


- 3 weeks ago  

Vaccines ( all of them) have NEVER BEEN SAFE, and have never ever prevented a single case of disease!!! .... ...they seem safe because of false positives, censored negatives, assumed to establish protection from disease...the protection assumed is due to degraded product or intended placebos to "prove" that it "works" vs real proof to convince establishment fools and sell more Vaccines that create disease and death that promote more Vaccines $$$...It is a medical money machine! $. Vaccination is a drug/depopulation enterprise based solely on belief in doctors, drugs and government... Maybe I have missed one safe vaccine that is not a placebo...if so let me know....I'm dying to study it!


- 3 weeks ago  

I like when Fauci said, that its an experimental injection that proves to be safe and effective... How can you put experimental with safe and effective ? Weird.