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CDC “Upgrade” Complete! When Mrna Injections Give You Cancer , Make Covid Death Codes

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Sourced of - To The Lifeboats Shorts - In this video, Sam goes over the findings of Ethical Skeptic's part two analysis of CDC statistics in, “Houston, The CDC Has a Problem”. When we last left off with Ethical Skeptic's part one analysis, “Houston, We Have a Problem,” the all cause mortality and morbidity was shown to spike in aggregate shortly after each installment of the Covid-19 injections (especially the first two). This was in the wake of the CDC shutting down their data reporting for a “system upgrade.” Video links below: In the part two, “Houston, the CDC Has a Problem,” the “post-upgrade” CDC statistics are analyzed and found to be gaming the death codes, resulting in a change to what the statistics would otherwise reveal. Quoted from the article, “A detailed audit of the missing death records resulting from the NVSS System Upgrade, shows that around 70% of the missing deaths pertained to Sudden Adult Deaths and Cancers.” “In other words, the reason cancer deaths were hitting their long-term figure levels as soon as week -4 (all other ICD codes took 12 weeks to accomplish this), was because cancer deaths were being reassigned to Covid-19 UCoD deaths (see Exhibit 2D), or were being removed from the data altogether (see Exhibit 2E) after week -2 (per Exhibits 2B through 2E below).” “As it turned out, as shown in Exhibits 2B through 2D below, the CDC was merely reassigning Cancer Multiple Cause of Death records as Covid-19 was on the MCoD listing on the death certificate (they did this 100% of the time, equaling around 350 – 450 deaths per week).” The Article:






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