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mRNA Vaccines - Researchers Propose A Design Fix

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Sourced of - Drbeen Medical Lectures - An article on University of Cambridge contains this statement, "Researchers have discovered that misreading of therapeutic mRNAs by the cell’s decoding machinery can cause an unintended immune response in the body. They have identified the sequence within the mRNA that causes this to occur and found a way to prevent ‘off-target’ immune responses to enable the safer design of future mRNA therapeutics." N1-methylpseudouridylation of mRNA causes +1 ribosomal frameshifting | Nature






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December 10th 2023  

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The medical establishment hates it YOU when you do not vaccinate your CHILDREN!!..$$$. ... guess why?..$$$...A multi-trillion dollar medical monopoly fully supported by governments to create disease, manage fear and pandemics to promote and sell medical drugs, procedures and "insurance" no one needs, for a lifetime of profit based fully on vaccinated babies, children, and adults that develop unnatural ILLNESS because they have been vaccinated!!!..PURE EVIL!!!...They blame the Virus, an old world demon of the human mind...It is high time people evolve away from phropalctic meds. Treat disease as it appears, not before... Vaccines check all the boxes of a CULT of BELIEF..


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Too scientific!!.. the common people do not understand the science.!!.. REFUSE ALL VACCINES, watch them lose their minds!... Todays Health is about what one DOES NOT DO! No VACCINES!!!...EVER Think: If a person lived in a sanitary bubble...No disease ever ( death only).. Death is programmed by the blood, the life force...vaccines contaminate the blood microzymas and cause disease!...Antoine Bèchamps science...( Banned by the Catholic Church)... Simple World Health information: ... The Cure for almost all disease is No vaccines, NO DISEASE...NO cancer, no diabetes or blood disorders, no ADHD, No SIDS, NO SADS, No asthma, skin disorders, no lymphatic disease no paralysis, no pandemics, no epidemics.... If followed, a plan for controlling population explosion must be addressed without sticking NEEDLES INTO CHILDREN!!.