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Mind Blown



The world of make believe - Butt Babies and more, oh my!

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September 23rd 2022  

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- 14 hours ago  

The small cadre of powerful Lucifarian "activists" spearheading the ”Trans” movement have two main goals that are hidden under the banner of their public agenda of "tolerance". The first is normalizing and legalizing pedophilia. The reasoning will go something like this: "Since a child now has the legal right to determine their gender (even against their parent’s stringent objections) they should certainly have the right to decide who they want to engage in sexual behavior with. After all, now that people have the legal right to be "gender fluid", then of course they should also have the right to be "age fluid". So if you’re 39 but identify as 14, or 13 but identity as 25, you shouldn’t be discriminated against because of that. They already have a “victim class” that the activists are pushing called MAP, which stands for “Minor Attracted Person”. They’re laying the groundwork to create a new oppressed class that needs to be protected from the “intolerant” with special legislation. However, the other, even bigger goal is normalizing actual TRANS-HUMANS created through genetic engineering and technological modifications. The uber-elites will be able to openly pursue their goal of immortality while the masses will be used to create a new class structure of genetically modified soldiers, sex workers, domestic slaves, you name it. The current trans movement is the tip of the spear, an unimaginable evil perpetrated under the noble smoke screen of "tolerance". Most of the people who identify as trans (and their supporters) have no idea of the long-term agenda and its goals. But enough of them will enthusiastically follow along so that it doesn't really matter. They are sick and confused people being taken advantage of, but most of them are willing tools none-the-less.


- 17 hours ago  

100%! The king has no clothes!


- a day ago  

Crazie world we live in.!!!


- 2 days ago  

For mentally ill people