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Dr Julie Ponesse: The LAST LECTURE of a professor of Ethics about mandatory vaccination

  - 4:50

Professor of Ethics @ Huron College of University of Western Ontario






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Uploaded a year ago  

September 10th 2021  

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- a year ago  

You have understand that to the faculty of a University, an ethics degree is considered a pointless degree. You know, one of those senseless subjects, something dumb like a degree in underwater basket weaving, or maybe something really , really stupid, like constitutional law. Yuck! But seriously, I admire her courage in standing her ground and being an example for her students. When are people going to realize that this bullshit, "I'm smarter and better than the rest you" mindset that has festered in academia is the source of what we are dealing with today. The unholy joining of the teachers union to the left. The hypocrisy of a culture that has developed of a "I'll make sure you get elected- you make sure we get more money next year" circle jerk that you're either part of, despised. They are so used to that feeling of importance and entitlement in their world where people either think and do as I say or you will be failed. Your family will be disappointed , your thousands in tuition wasted, and it will follow you on your record forever. All while taking the moral high ground. And if that's not enough of a slap in the face, what they are doing when they are at work is indoctrinating your children to think like them. She was never destined to survive as a teacher. She has a conscience.