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Doctor Moonrays




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Kyle Hanson is an emotionally bruised veteran of the Vietnam War who finds himself unable to rejoin mainstream society and lives as a drifter. While stopping in a small Southern town to eat, local bullies begin harassing him, a situation that culminates in a violent altercation with redneck Homer, after which Kyle flees. Relying on his special forces training, he manages to evade pursuing deputies. Kyle spends the night in a barn at the home of Jenny Bellows, a young mother whose husband went missing-in-action in Vietnam, and is presumed dead. Jenny now resides with her son, Bobby, and father-in-law, Sam Bellows, the richest man in town. In the morning, after Sam leaves on a business trip, Jenny encounters Kyle, who walks into the home uninvited. Having heard of the altercation the day before and the rumor that he is dangerous, Jenny is initially frightened, but soon finds herself sympathetic to Kyle. Sheriff Jethro Pough learns that Kyle was previously incarcerated in a military psychiatric hospital during his service, and was catatonic for over a year. Meanwhile, several local men plan to hunt Kyle and eject him from the community, led by the imperious Deputy Dave. After evading several townspeople by fleeing into the woods, Kyle rejoins Jenny, and the two ride motorcycles together. She invites him into her home, and offers to wash his clothes and allow him to bathe. Meanwhile, a number of townsmen and local law enforcement stalk the house, having trailed Kyle there. Kyle manages to thwart their attempt at capturing him by causing their cars to explode and stealing a truck. Following a high-speed chase, Kyle crashes the truck into a river but escapes, leading the townsmen to believe he is dead until they are unable to find his body. Kyle returns to Jenny's home, where she reveals to him that Sheriff Pough has just informed her that her husband has been confirmed as deceased by the military. Later that night, Kyle accompanies Jenny and Bobby to the local fair, wh






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