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Doctor Moonrays



Cop Land

  - 1:56:15

The town of Garrison, New Jersey, is home to several NYPD officers, led by Lt. Ray Donlan along with Jack Rucker, Gary Figgis, and Joey Randone, who is having an affair with Donlan's wife Rose. Freddy Heflin, the town sheriff, idolizes the NYPD and once hoped to become an officer, but ultimately cannot because he is deaf in one ear, the result of rescuing a drowning woman many years earlier. Heflin is aware that Garrison's and his associates are involved in police corruption, but generally turns a blind eye as they do not recognize his authority. Internal Affairs investigator Lt. Moe Tilden approaches Heflin for information on the corrupt officers, but Heflin is intimidated and reluctant to betray them. One night, Donlan's nephew, Officer Murray Babitch, is side-swiped by two African-American teens while driving across the George Washington Bridge. The passenger points what looks like a weapon just before Babitch's tire blows out, and Babitch shoots back and kills the teens, believing they have fired at him. Afterwards, Rucker removes the steering-wheel lock that Babitch mistook for a weapon from the scene and is caught trying to plant a gun in the car. Worried about the repercussions to his own career, Donlan persuades Babitch to fake his own suicide. When Heflin visits Tilden to share information, he is angrily dismissed by Tilden who explains that the investigation has been shut down. On his way out, Heflin steals case files on the Garrison cops and realizes the extent of the officers' corruption. As Babitch lives as a fugitive at Donlan's home, Vincent Lassaro, president of the Patrolmen's Defense Association, tells Donlan that without a body, the case will not stay cold. Donlan reluctantly decides to murder Babitch. Randone's wife Liz visits Heflin at home, who was the woman Heflin saved from drowning years ago. While Liz and Heflin confess their feelings for each other, she reluctantly leaves before things go too far. Meanwhile, Babitch escapes and goes to






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